The excellence of the training programs offered by the ETG is reflected in its facilities. In fact, you will find laboratories filled with the latest equipment used in residential, commercial and industrial situations. Thanks to this equipment, which favours hands-on learning, the school has become renowned by the American Gas Association as the best gas training centre in North America.

What’s more, in order to best satify the needs of training in public safety, the ETG has created an outdoor laboratory that includes a practice area for firefighters.

A student of l'École de technologie gazière tracks problems on a functional residential type natural gas appliance.

Natural gas exhaust pipes located in one of l'École de technologie gazière laboratories.

Firemen extinguish a natural gas pipeline fire in a practical training exercise in the external laboratory of the ÉTG.

A student tracks problems on a commercial type appliance using an electric diagram.

This commercial boiler is one of 250 such appliances at the disposal of students in the laboratories at l'École de technologie gazière.

A student tests a gas pipeline built by the ÉTG for exclusive use by the students.

L'École de technologie gazière laboratories located in Boucherville, are accessible via autoroute Jean-Lesage.

A teacher at l'École de technologie gazière laboratories demonstrates the properties of natural gas.